Good news: Revamped Intuit content site is on the way

Intuit content guidelines have broken this site. That’s good news. Really. We’re fixing the experience now with a reorganized, redesigned site that makes guidelines more helpful, easier to navigate, and more pleasant to look at.

Once we published the bulk of our content guidelines, we realized we have a huge pile of insight about creating better content for Intuit. It seems as if we have too much. For example, check out the wealth of advice and examples under usage.

It’s clear we need to do a better job making these pages helpful and findable. Information architecture to the rescue.

After a series of card sort exercises, we arrived at a new structure for the site. Our guidelines will be organized like this:

  • Accessibility & inclusion
  • Channels
  • Content patterns
  • Style
  • Resources
  • Voice & tone

If all goes as planned, we hope to launch the new site before the new year. Meanwhile, if you get stuck finding the guideline you need, ask your content design peers in Slack or email us.

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