Welcome to the new Intuit content site

Today we launch the new Intuit content style guide. Refreshed with a bright, clean design and boosted by updated, additional content guidelines, this site is the resource for anyone writing for Intuit.

The new site structure helps content creators find what they need. And the attractive design helps writers enjoy and use the information they find.

Senior Visual Designer Vivek Saigal led the redesign effort in cooperation with content and design systems partners. The site now showcases Intuit content design expertise and helps Intuit writers create better experiences for customers.

A number of new guidelines are also part of the style guide:

  • A communications framework helps guide how we present messages in products.
  • Content promotion guidelines show how we market content about financial topics.
  • Search engine optimization helps customers find Intuit information.
  • Guidelines about writing for accounting and tax experts help both Intuit content designers and financial professionals talk to customers.
  • Taxonomy notes detail some of the tools we use to manage the language of accounting and taxes.
  • Technical documentation guidelines give us a baseline for what good tech docs look like.

Like all style guides, this is an evolving work, and we’ll be making revisions as we go. For instance, we’ll be adding search functionality to the site soon.

If you have questions or want to contribute to this effort, email us.

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