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A link or button that allows a user to scroll smoothly back to the top of a webpage. Use sentence case (lowercase “t”).

back up (v), backup (n, adj)

One word or two, depending on use, but never hyphenated.

To back up your data, choose File and then Backup.
The flash drive contains the latest backup file.


Hyphenate if needed for clarity when used as a modifier. Otherwise, two words.

The back-end service may interact directly with the front-end app.
Find the HDMI port at the back end of the device.


One word, not hyphenated.


One word, not hyphenated.


Use bank for references to banks in the U.S.

bank-level security

Use this phrase (written as shown) instead of phrases like “industry-leading technology” or “TLS encryption.”

based on

Don’t write “based upon.”


Use earlier to refer to prior versions of products, not before.

best selling (n.), best-selling (adj.)

Don’t write “bestselling” or “best selling software.”

bi words

Don’t hyphenate. Do this: biannual, biennial


Don’t use. Be specific: twice a month or every two months.

birth date

Two words as shown. Alternatively, you can use birthday.


Don’t use. Be specific: twice a week or every two weeks.


Nope. Definitely don’t use. That means we don’t write “boom!” either.

bottom left, bottom right

For accessibility reasons, we strongly discourage using location cues. If you must (try harder!), write these as shown. Don’t write bottom left corner or bottom right corner.

box 14

Yes, box 14 is an important thing for TurboTax users. Don’t write “Box 14.”

breach, breached

Don’t use. Use compromised instead.


Don’t use bug. Instead, use issue or situation.

business name

Write business name, not company name.


One word. It’s the drudgery that QuickBooks eliminates for users.


Use sentence case in button text, keep word count to a minimum, and stick to verb phrases (action-oriented). Avoid punctuation. Be specific about what is going to happen when the user clicks. Never say “Click here.”