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Communications framework

Content at Intuit

In Intuit experiences, we communicate with customers by thinking about their needs first. To help us do this, we consider content families, channels, and levels of criticality.

Content families

We group content into families that reflect what customers need to do. This focus on customer needs helps us write and deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place.

There are generally four customer goals:

  1. Discover
  2. Understand
  3. Get things done
  4. Grow and succeed

Content channels

Depending on customer needs, we deliver content in a range of channels and content patterns, such as:


  • Conversational UI (voice/chatbot)
  • Customer success (help) content
  • Email
  • Page messages
  • Text messages
  • Tooltips


Criticality is the level of urgency we need to communicate with the message. To determine how critical a message is, we consider the following.


This helpful message is related to the customer, their business, or the product they’re using. Neutral messages are good-to-know information that helps the customer do things better.

Needs attention

Some messages are more urgent and usually encourage customers to take action (read, review, select, and so forth).


To guide customers along, we sometimes write and deliver urgent messages. These communications are about issues that might keep the customer from moving forward, and these are the kind of messages that encourage customers to take action quickly.

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