How we talk to the experts


Content guidelines for the Intuit expert portal and other expert communications

Through its expert platform, Intuit talks to tax and financial professionals and enables them to talk to our customers (their clients). Here’s how we make these conversations work.

How we talk to tax and financial experts

Respect their expertise

Speak to them like the experts they are; don’t be afraid to use professional language.

Highlight the customer benefit

Show them the impact of their work on the customer and how it makes a difference.

Speak to a higher purpose

Our experts are an important part of Intuit’s mission to power prosperity, and they should know it. 

Be their supportive partner

We’re in this together. Help them feel prepared and confident by letting them know we have their back.

How experts talk to our customers (their clients)

Create a safe space

Foster a confidential, trusting relationship, free of judgment. Put yourself in their shoes.

Lead with expertise

Customers are delighted when they can speak with a real expert. Lead with your credentials and experience.

Reassure them

Life can be crazy, so put them at ease. When things are complicated, acknowledge it. And when possible, show them how you’ll get them through. Don’t leave them hanging.

Empower them

Set clear expectations and make them feel confident enough to handle things. Not everyone will feel confident. Do your best to steer them toward the right path.