Blog posts


  • Short, concise sentences and paragraphs; sentence flow and structure should be at a 6th-grade reading level. For best practices, click here.
  • First-person stories – this is written by YOU, not your brand or company
  • Hook your readers with a concise point of view and personal story – never simply recite facts or hypotheses
  • Whatever your topic/idea is, tie it back to a human story


  • Short paragraphs (1-2 sentences); if you have long paragraphs break them up
  • Use em dashes (—) to separate thoughts, not en dashes (–) or hyphens (-)


  • Sweet spot is 4-6 minutes reading time (800-1,500 words)

What to write about

  • Deeper dives; ideas that you can’t explore easily by Googling it
  • Explorations into tech/design with an interesting hook
  • It’s NOT a corporate blog; it’s buttoned-up, but it’s human

Keep the informal tone and short paragraph structure top of mind

Provide explorations and deep dives into topics/ideas that aren’t easily Googleable (aka providing value that readers can’t get anywhere else, including Intuit blog)

Use it as an opportunity to share a unique POV

Overtly promote Intuit products or features

Simply recap an event or speaking engagement