Explore our new content community

You can now explore a list of articles and insights curated by and for content designers. Members of our content team speak at a variety of events and keep sharing ideas in articles and guidelines. Check out some of the latest. 

Our new community page is among a handful of recent enhancements we added to the Intuit content style guide.

  • Share the voices of our content team in fresh Community updates. 
  • Playbooks aren’t just for content designers. These guides help teams across Intuit build and market experiences that help customers succeed.  Get smart with playbooks.
  • An (Intuit) designer’s story uses comic-book storytelling to show how content, interaction, and visual design work together like true heroes. 
  • Do you have something to add to the word list? Let us know.
  • Things look a bit brighter, don’t they? Changes in visual design continue to add to our content and guide us along.

Don’t see the guideline you’re looking for? Email us.

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