Don’t use hacked. Say compromised, provide a solution, and offer next steps.

hang tight

Don’t use hang tight or sit tight. Hold tight is OK.

hard copy

Two words as shown.

hard drive

Use hard drive, not hard disk.

hashtag; #

Everyone uses hash marks (#) for hashtags in tweets. Where we don’t use a hashtag is in place of the word “number” unless there are significant space restrictions, such as in mobile screens. The preferred abbreviation for number is “no.” with a period.

Head of Household

Capitalize this tax filing status as shown.

head start

Don’t write “head-start” or “headstart.”

health care

Two words as shown.

health savings account (HSA)

Wherever this term appears, write it as “health savings account (HSA)” in the first reference and then “HSA” for all subsequent references. Don’t refer to it as an HSA account. That’s redundant.


An adverb that substitutes for “really” or “very.” Only use it when describing baked goods, specifically, ones created or provided by Stacey Chase.


A phrase used in One Intuit Identity.

Help; help

Capitalize Help when referring to a Help system or one of its components: in-product Help, the Help window, the Help icon, and so on. Don’t capitalize if you’re referring to getting aid.

Click the Help icon in the upper right to view details about the window.
For help in setting up your company, consult a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

hide, show

Use hide or show to refer to something in the product that’s turned on or off by a user interface element. Don’t use active, inactive, activate, or deactivate. When referring to something in the UI, capitalize the word.

To show instructions, click Show.

high demand

Don’t hypenate.


Use lower/higher when referring to numerical product (software) versions. Use earlier/later when referring to dated product (software) versions.

high income (n.), high-income (adj.)

Write high income as a noun. Write high-income as an adjective.

You don’t qualify for this credit because of your high income. We’ll check to see if you can get other credits.
High-income individuals should plan ahead for tax time.


Don’t use as a verb. Instead, use select.

hmm; hmm…

It’s OK to use “hmm…” to make your copy more conversational, but be intentional about it. Use it sparingly and write as shown, with 2 m’s and an ellipsis.

Hold tight

Hold tight is fine. Don’t use sit tight or hang tight.


Use Home by itself if you want the customer to select a Home icon. Note capitalization. Example:
Select Home to return to the dashboard.


Write homepage, all one word, lowercase. Don’t write Home page, Homepage, or home page.

homeschool, homeschooling

One word as shown. Don’t write “home school.”


Hyphenate both the noun and adjective forms of how-to. When calling out how-to lists in info links or elsewhere, write how-to’s as shown.

This how-to video shows the steps to capture a receipt.
Today’s speaker talks about the how-to of getting a business license.
There’s an entire list of how-to’s to go through when onboarding someone.


Acronym for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Note there is no “the.” It’s just HMRC.