Intuit launches shared, companywide site for content design standards and strategy

Today Intuit launches a new site ( that Intuit content creators can refer to as they design experiences in all company brands. The new resource presents guidelines for editorial style, the Intuit voice and how it touches our brands, and information about how we write for conversational user interfaces, customer success, mobile, and more.

The site is the culmination of a multiyear, collaborative project involving content designers and leaders from Mint, ProConnect, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Turbo. Content creators from the Intuit Developer Group and other teams are also contributing to this companywide effort.

With this site, Intuit content designers in marketing, product, communications, and more have a shared resource that helps them craft effective content consistently and efficiently. Content designers and strategists are collaborating with members of Intuit design system teams to document and expand these standards.

The Intuit content community is also engaged in helping the broader community of content professionals. That’s why these guidelines are public. We hope that other content designers and strategists find some useful insight and inspiration here. And we welcome feedback from the content community.

As new guidelines become available, we’ll publish them on this site. Look for future updates on this page.

If you and your team want to contribute to this ongoing effort, email Michael Haggerty-Villa.