Keep your content simple and accessible for all with updated guidelines

The Intuit content design system now includes guidelines for making experiences that are accessible to all users. Designing and delivering accessible experiences is critical for development and design teams, including interaction and visual designers. These updated rules are specifically for content design.

Written by Content Design Manager Louise Mintun in collaboration with a number of design and accessibility experts, the new guidelines present sound advice for writing and displaying content for users with specific needs:

  • Blind users who navigate websites with screen readers
  • Color blind users or those with low vision
  • Users with hearing impairments
  • Users with cognitive impairments or learning disabilities

Backing up our efforts to keep copy clear and readable, the updated guidelines help us create better content not only for users with special needs but also for all customers.

Credit goes to the design and development team who contributed to these guidelines: Ted Drake, Louise Mintun, PJ Nidecker, Yvonne So, JP Tran, and Ace Vu.

The QuickBooks Design System includes additional information about accessible design.

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