Content design and strategy tools

Apps, software, and services for content design

Content creators at Intuit rely on a number of tools and processes. In addition to content management tools like the One Intuit Content Management System, there are tools that help us create clear, accurate copy.

Associated Press Stylebook

The AP Stylebook is the foundation for many of our editorial decisions. When we differ from AP, as we do in the United States on the serial comma (we always use it), we detail our exceptions on this site.


We use this tool to test and improve the clarity of copy and make sure we meet our readability level of fifth to eighth grade. Check with your manager for license and access information. Learn more about this tool at

Hemingway App

Some content designers and teams are using this tool to simplify copy and make sure it’s clear. See how it works at Hemingway App.


Formerly called Qordoba, this strings management tool uses the Intuit Content Design System and artificial intelligence to track the quality of product content and help content designers identify ways to improve the words we present to customers. Read more about Writer at

Design tools

Designers across Intuit also use a range of design tools. Check with your team to make sure you’re using the tools that are best for your work.

Your team might be using one or more of these tools:

  • Abstract, for Sketch file version control and management
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, for Photoshop, InDesign, and other services
  • Box, for file storage and sharing
  • Figma, for cloud-based product design
  • Invision, for prototyping and design collaboration
  • Lingo, for organizing and finding design assets
  • Mural, for virtual whiteboarding
  • Sketch, for product design with predefined elements
  • Tableau, for visualizing user data and other info
  • Wrike, for project management
  • Zeplin, for documenting design specifications

For information about connecting to these tools, go to this Slack channel: #sbseg-xd-onboarding.

This page is not an endorsement of any of these products. This is just a guide to some of the tools content designers and strategists use at Intuit.