Use boldface content sparingly. It can call attention to something important, but if overused, it can have the opposite effect, making a screen look chaotic, cluttered, and intimidating.

Here are some things you might want to present in bold:

User actions: buttons or steps mentioned in instruction content
Navigation choices: navigation labels referred to in instructions
Names of UI elements: In product we try not to talk about the UI, but it might be necessary in help and support content.
Tax form numbers, transaction numbers, or other business data, such as invoice numbers
Terms that need emphasis (this is very rare)

Don’t use bold copy as a substitute for appropriately coded second- and third-level headings (like h2 and h3).

Use only one type treatment at a time (color, bold, indentation). For example, if the copy is already indented or a distinct color, don’t make it bold too.


Form 8863
Select Continue to see your results.
Note: Contact your employer if you haven’t received a W-2
We’ll cover that later in Deductions and Credits.
Invoice 4107 is on its way to Travis Waldron.


Select Continue to see your results.
You should file your return before the April deadline.