Mobile-first means we design content for the smallest screen and then work our way up. With this focus, we’re moving toward crafting content that goes anywhere and adapts to any context.

All writing for digital experiences—not just mobile—should be simple and concise, focus on the task at hand, progressively disclose steps, be contextual, and hold your attention.

Prioritize by surfacing the main info first and progressively disclosing additional details or steps. Write around interfaces (don’t mention specific devices), and strive for your writing to be void of location and method of interaction.

You’re limited by the amount of real estate available on the device. A tiny screen means fewer words and possible need for abbreviations. Reveal info as the user needs it.

Mobile customers are often distracted (multitasking and on the go). They’re usually not sitting at a desk.

Some of our mobile apps are standalone, but many more are companion apps to our web or desktop products.

We strive for consistency. Apple and Google devices work differently, so be device-agnostic in your writing.