Use parentheses in pairs to provide examples, add an aside, or introduce an abbreviation.

Parenthetical text can be a word, a fragment, or multiple sentences. Your sentence should make sense when you read it out loud without the parenthetical text.

If a sentence ends with a parenthetical that’s only part of a larger sentence, the period goes outside the closing parenthesis. If the parenthetical itself is a whole sentence, the period goes inside the parenthesis.


Federal exempt forms (like IRS 501c3 forms) don’t apply to state sales tax.

Protect your account by turning on multifactor authentication (MFA).

A balance sheet report calculates how much your business is worth (your business’s equity) by subtracting all the money your company owes (liabilities) from everything it owns (assets).

Fill out the Reconcile Statement steps. (If you don’t see the Reconcile Statement steps, you or another user may have already started to reconcile that account.)