Use periods to end a sentence, unless it ends with a question mark or exclamation point. Use a period at the end of an abbreviation. If a sentence ends with an abbreviation, you don’t need an additional period.

Don’t use periods in headlines, email subjects, or preheaders.

Headlines should be crisp and digestible. Adding periods to headlines may slow readers as they move down the page. You can use periods at the end of a sentence or fragment if you’re going for impact.

Use exclamations and question marks sparingly in headlines. In cases where part of the headline/subject uses an exclamation, use a period for the remaining parts to stay consistent. Place one space after periods, not two.



QuickBooks knows how to write a full sentence. (Regular sentence)
Congratulations! You’re approved. (Adjacent to punctuation)
Snap a photo of your receipt (Headline)
Get it done. Get paid. (Impact headline)
Take photos of your receipts and link them to transactions. (Subhead)
View your latest report (Subject)
Check out how your business is doing (Preheader)


QuickBooks knows how to write a full sentence (Regular sentence)
Congratulations! You’re approved (Headline)
Snap a photo of your receipt!! (Headline)
Track miles. (Headline)
Take a look below and get to know all of the features of QuickBooks Online. (Headline)
Check out how your business is doing. (Preheader)