A metaphor puts one thing in terms of another. A simile does it by using “like” or “as” to make the comparison. They’re useful when you want to explain something technical or difficult in terms that are more friendly and approachable.

Feel free to use metaphors anywhere you have the room to explain something. Just be careful. What sounds good to you may not resonate with others. Anc some metaphors might not translate well for other languages and cultures.


Everyone needs sleep, even our servers. They’ll be down for maintenance 9:00–9:30 PM PT, so you can both get some shut-eye.

Think of interest rates and APR like a bill at a restaurant. The interest rate is just the cost of the food. But APR includes the food, tax, and tip.

Unlike real life, here you can easily visit your past. Just select the year you’re interested in to step back in time.


Our servers are like insomniacs—every so often they need a medically-induced nap.

Think of an interest rate like the price of gas when you pay with cash, APR when you pay with a credit card.

Ready for a blast from the past? Step into our time machine and check out last year’s data.