Updated usage standards help us design simple, direct content in all Intuit experiences

This week the Intuit content design system expanded its style guidelines with a revamped section on usage. The new pages and standards give Intuit content designers additional background and strategic approaches to writing simple, conversational, and personable content.

Located in the Style section of the site, the new standards give content creators guidance on a number of topics.

  • Writing in the active voice
  • Favoring simple verb tenses
  • Aiming for readability scores in the 5th- to 8th-grade level
  • Crafting precise, definitive content
  • Using everyday contractions
  • Ending sentences with contractions when we need to
  • Limiting the use of exclamations
  • Using similes and metaphors when they’re appropriate
  • Writing to customers using the second person (you)
  • Designing gender-neutral and inclusive language in English and other languages
  • Delivering less-than-good news
  • Introducing and defining new financial terms and concepts

Content designers from Mint, ProConnect, QuickBooks, Turbo, and TurboTax contributed to these standards. And additional enhancements and examples are in the works.

Like all style guides, ours is a work in progress. Need to suggest revisions or add details or examples? Email us.