When crafting content for TurboTax, Turbo, and Mint, we follow these voice attributes. They help guide us as we collaborate and communicate with users.

Let them know we’re here for them

Customers want to know they have someone on their side. We take note of what they’ve told us and address their needs and desires with empathy to make them feel relieved or accepted.

Make meaningful connections

Taxes and finances are a mystery to many. We guide customers through moments of uncertainty using social proof, data, storytelling, and metaphors.

Turn lack of confidence into motivation

Handling taxes and financial decisions can make many feel fearful, inadequate or ashamed. We never judge—we earn their trust and inspire action through encouragement, education and offering a solution or path forward.

Help them acknowledge their success

It’s easy to lose sight of tax and financial progress. We celebrate successes big and small in meaningful, tasteful ways to help customers feel competent and accomplished.

Reveal future opportunities

Understanding how the present may impact the future is a challenge for many. Talk about opportunities customers may not be thinking about to help them achieve even greater prosperity that keeps them coming back.

These principles are an expression of the TurboTax voice attributes.