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Writing for Mint

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Mint brand character: the empowering champion

The Mint brand character is the same as the TurboTax brand character: the empowering champion for our customers. Mint’s objective is more money, no work, and complete confidence for every Minter.

Mint voice attributes


Money is more than just a number that moves up or down. It tells the story of how our customers live their lives every day on the way towards their goals. We use human-centered, AI-driven expertise to make their story clear so they can stay on track.

Ground their numbers and choices in context of their declared goals. Recommend what will help the most.

Don’t assume you always know the whole story. Be flexible and give all the options using progressive disclosure.


There’s a reason behind every money decision. Like a good friend, we never judge or assume why customers make the calls they do. Instead, we stay focused on the life they want to lead. We help them get there by meeting them where they’re at today, every day.

Acknowledge where customers are and how far they’ve come. Be sensitive to how different moments may land for different people—if it’s ambiguous, find a way to ask.

Don’t shame customers or make them feel bad about decisions that were made. We may not always know the whole story.


We always believe in our customers’ power to succeed. They may be down sometimes, but they’re never out.

We support them with more than just a positive attitude—we give them the insight, actionable steps, and tools they need to keep going.

  • We get it—finances can be stressful. We’re here to help.
  • Let’s find a better target for your needs. (Customer went over their spending target)

Applaud the big wins. Remember that setbacks happen—help build resilience by meeting the moment with empathy and realigning the next step back to their goals.

Don’t forget that this is a journey. Celebrations lose their sparkle when used to excess, so choose those moments mindfully.


A financial journey is a marathon, not a sprint. We help our customers maintain momentum by chunking out the work into simple steps.

We mark the miles with celebrations, and we focus on stamina over speed when we’re heading uphill together.

  • You crushed it! Congrats on paying down your $6,420 credit card debt.
  • Time to celebrate! You accomplished your goal!

Show how to make progress, then make it easy to do by chunking out the steps. Once they start building momentum, flex tone to help them enjoy the ride.

Don’t overwhelm with too much enthusiasm or generate noise with excessive messaging. We’re on a long haul together, so sometimes less is more.

Voice principles

Write like you talk

Discussing money can feel taboo to some, so we’re purposefully approachable. Keep things easy to understand, like you’re helping a friend out.

Bring it home

Talk numbers, but always ground them in personal context to make them real and concrete.

Close the loop

When we show customers their info or data, we always tie it back to what they should consider doing next and explain why.

Remember the destination

Give all the options, but recommend the paths that stick closest to the goals they’ve shared.

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