Writing for Mint

Mint brand character: the empowering champion

The Mint brand character is the same as the TurboTax brand character: the empowering champion for our customers. You can learn more about how this character acts in the TurboTax voice and tone guidelines.

Mint voice attributes

Mint’s voice attributes and principles also align closely with TurboTax’s. And to help meet the unique needs of Mint customers, we add one additional attribute.


Customers rely on Mint to understand their day-to-day finances, and we help ease their anxiety. We radiate a sense of urgency that gets customers stoked about looking at their money, and we transform worry and doubt into satisfaction.

To see the other TurboTax voice attributes that apply to Mint content, review writing for TurboTax.

When creating experiences that guide customers among Intuit products, follow the One Intuit voice guidelines.