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The content on this site guides us as we create and deliver smart, useful words. With voice, tone, style, and strategy, we design content our customers need to succeed. Whether it’s marketing, product, technical documentation, or metadata, content is the foundation for everything we deliver to customers. We owe it to them to get it right.

New stuff

Revamped Intuit content site is on the way

Intuit content guidelines broke this site. As soon as we published the bulk of our content advice and examples, we realized we have a huge pile of stuff about creating better content for Intuit. And we mean HUGE. Fortunately, we’re putting some better practices in information architecture and design to work to make our content more helpful, easier to navigate, and more pleasant to look at.

Read more about how we’re eating our own content design dogfood to create the new Intuit content style guide.

Examples of awesome

Our customers deserve awesome content. We deliver it.

QuickBooks Self-Employed and TurboTax

Why this is awesome

This introductory flow lets the customer, a rideshare driver, be the hero in their quest to set up and manage their taxes. The language stays active and inspiring as it encourages the driver to take these first steps.

How it helps customers

Dealing with taxes can be intimidating. This experience lets the driver know they’re still in control. They have the right tools and support to do this thing. Ride on.

See more examples of awesome content design.

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