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About this site

Design systems intend to solve problems in a consistent way at a high level. They don’t solve for everything. 

This site is here to help you think through the possibilities of what you’re working on. 

You’ll find recommendations for word choices, writing tips, and how to handle tricky content situations in most moments. 

Content decisions depend on a specific context. It’s OK to stray from the guidance if it’ll lead to a better solution for your audience or customer. Here’s what you need to know: 


  • We follow AP Stylebook in general. We deviate and clarify things when it serves our customers better. How to access AP Stylebook
  • Some “rules” are merely style choices to maintain consistency. Consistency is important for brand identity and to avoid cognitive overload for our customers. 
  • Other style choices are rooted in science and research. We share those details as we discover them. 
  • We have a One Intuit approach that aims to solve content problems across audiences, whether they’re hourly workers, tax filers, tax preparers, accountants, entrepreneurs, or business owners. Feel empowered to get more specific or flex our voice and tone if the occasion calls for it. 
  • We offer guidance and frameworks to help you make decisions. Learning how to address different content moments at scale is more valuable than combing through a bunch of content examples.

You can leave feedback anytime. A real person looks at it.

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