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Content strategy 101

Content at Intuit

Looking for more ways to show what you know? Wanting more tools for your kit? Content strategy can help. This content strategy primer began as an in-person bootcamp. It’s been revamped and is now available online with new material, extra resources, and more examples from the Intuit content teams. Go through the lessons sequentially or pick and choose what interests you.

Topic 1: Content strategy overview

22 min

What is content strategy and how is it different from creating content? How is content strategy like running a bakery? How can you avoid content catastrophes with strategy? If you’re a writer or content designer and want to kick your work up a notch, start here.

Topic 2: Inventory and audit

19 min

Inventories and audits are the first place(s) to start with any content strategy project. Jen Schmich covers what they are, why they matter, how to approach them, and shares some examples done by the content team at Intuit.


Topic 3: Closing the gap

15 min

You’ve done an audit and inventory, what’s next? In Topic 3, Jen Schmich goes over discovery work and how to map a way forward, with plenty of examples from the Intuit content team.

Topic 4: Making a test plan

18 min

Testing is a great way to prove out your strategy with data. In Topic 4, you’ll learn how to test your strategy and get buy-in from stakeholders.

Topic 5: Strategic partnering

15 min

Being a content strategist means being strategic about all kinds of things beyond the content itself. In Topic 5, we start to move away from the “what” of content strategy to talk more about the “how” of thinking like a content strategist.


Topic 6: Content and systems

20 min

When you widen your view of content, you start to see gnarlier, messier problems. In Topic 6, you’ll learn about systems thinking and how to see your content through a different lens.


From design thinking to systems thinking by Valerie Chanal
A Systems Story (Systems Thinking) by BEE Environmental Communication
Tools for systems thinkers by Leyla Acaroglu
Maintaining Design Systems by Brad Frost

Topic 7: Architecture

20 min

Content architecture is the iceberg below the surface. It’s an important part of content strategy and an invisible force that has a huge impact on your content. In Topic 7, we continue our chat from Topic 6 and use systems to unravel the mystery behind content architecture.


Designing Connected Content by Mike Atherton and Carrie Hane
Metadata Basics for Web Content by Michael Andrews
IA lenses: Helpful perspectives for content strategists by Dan Brown
Why Taxonomies by PoolParty (Semantic Web Company)
The beauty of content architecture by Jennifer Schmich

Outro: Doing content strategy

8 min

You’ve made it this far! Now you know about content strategy—what’s next? Where do you go from here? Part of strategy work is figuring out how to be strategic.

Jen Schmich is a content strategist known for building new things from scratch and scatter to solve big problems, whether that’s a team, platform, body of content, or voice of a brand. As a leader, she believes in a “lift all boats” approach. Jen also finds leadership lessons watching RuPaul.

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