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Tools & apps

Content at Intuit

Apps, software, and services for content design

Content creators at Intuit rely on a number of tools and processes. In addition to platforms like WordPress and PoolParty, there are tools that help us create clear, accurate content.


This language-checking tool uses AI and our custom style guide to help content designers create consistent, quality content. It’s like an editor on your shoulder.

We also use Writer with GitHub to check and edit UI text strings in our products. Read more about Writer at

To find out about installing the Chrome extension and using Writer with GitHub, join the #cmty-writer-ai Slack channel.


For Intuit employees only

  • FAQs, troubleshooting, how-to guides: Degreed pathway
  • Join Slack: #cmty-writer-ai


Our team partnered with the folks at Writer to develop a custom Slackbot that checks for inclusive language. You could add it to your Intuit Slack channels and learn about healthy communication through private bot replies. The pilot is paused for now, but stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check for inclusive language through Writer.

AP Stylebook and dictionaries

AP Stylebook is our default for many style, punctuation, and grammar things. If there are Intuit specific terms or differences from the AP guidance (like e-book vs ebook, for example), then we document these changes on

Intuit employees: You can access AP Stylebook anytime, anywhere when you’re on VPN. Go to AP Stylebook.

For specific words not noted on this site, check Merriam-Webster (US), the Canadian Oxford Dictionary (CA), or the Collins English Dictionary (UK and RoW).

Design tools

Content designers across Intuit use a range of design tools. Check with your team to make sure you’re using the tools that are best for your type of work.

Your team might be using one or more of these:

  • Figma for cloud-based product design
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Photoshop, Spark, and other apps
  • Mural or Figjam for virtual whiteboarding
  • Google Drive for file storage and sharing

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