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Marketing content design

Content at Intuit

Who we are

Marketing content designers balance customer expectations, brand-building, and conversion. Our content inspires people to use Intuit products. We also create web experiences that help users learn and grow, and set the stage to transition smoothly into the product itself. 

What we’re about 

We speak their language

We create messaging hierarchies that align with our voice and tone as well as Intuit’s brand. That way, our messaging is conversational, easy to understand, and human.

We’re bold

We aren’t copywriters. We tell cohesive stories. To do so, we work with visual designers to make sure content is paired with bold, eye-catching visuals. Our experiences are emotionally-charged, benefit-focused, and show potential customers why they should buy our products. 

We’re clear, inclusive, and accurate

We build trust by putting customers first, speaking their language, and setting the right expectations. We create experiences that help customers make the right purchasing decision for them.

Business goals

We test and write compelling content for potential customers. We rely on research to help craft our messaging and include claims and testimonials to sell products and stay competitive. 

The difference between marketing content and product content

There are differences, but the fundamentals of voice and tone and clear, customer-focused communication are the same.

Marketing content designers write the content that appears before someone signs into the product, whereas product content designers write the content that appears after someone signs into the product. However, sometimes we create marketing content that appears inside the product. That’s why we partner with product designers to make sure the end-to-end experience is consistent.

Who we partner with

Content should never be an afterthought. We’re in the room from the start, helping to shape the design. To do so, we collaborate with a lot of different people, such as:

  • Other content designers and strategists (product, help, conversational UI)
  • Visual designers (marketing and product)
  • Interaction designers
  • Creative agencies
  • Legal
  • Developers
  • SEO
  • Brand
  • Marketers
  • Project managers
  • Authoring teams
  • Researchers
  • Content promotion

What we work on

  • Web (landing pages, CTAs, headlines, FAQs, testimonials, app store descriptions, navigations)
  • Email (campaigns, critical notices)
  • In-product discovery (marketing announcements/awareness, landing pages, push notifications)
  • Scripts (how-to and product explainer videos)
  • Strategy (user research, guidelines, messaging hierarchies, claims, information architecture) 
  • Ads (banners, social media, search, direct mailers)
  • Bug fixes and updates
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