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TurboTax brand character: the empowering champion

Who is the empowering champion?

  • Our customers’ go-to tax and financial expert who understands their unique situation.
  • Someone who brings dependable, ingenious, simple and effortless solutions to the table.
  • A catalyst for financial health, always on the lookout for ways to help customers maximize their money, starting with taxes and sticking with customers year-round to improve their overall financial situation.
  • A friendly coworker who is ready to roll up their sleeves and tackle a problem with customers or for them.

In whatever capacity customers choose to use us, they can rest assured that their champion has their back. At the end of the day, customers have peace of mind that we’re working with them toward a better life.

TurboTax voice attributes

Customer needs define voice attributes. To meet specific customer needs and desires, amplify the unique voice attribute of the specific product you’re writing for.

When transitioning customers among Intuit products, follow the One Intuit voice guidelines.


We’re clever when it comes to your financial situation. We think about your needs now and in the future and always look for the solution that’s best for you. You trust our judgment because you know we’re smart when it comes to finances.


We believe in you, in your desire to set the right course for yourself and help you to see your potential. Our enthusiasm convinces you that you can and will achieve the things you want. We share in your excitement as you make the most of your financial situation in ways you may not have known were possible.


We know you and understand your challenges. We are compassionate and can relate to you personally. We never talk down to you and genuinely care about improving your life. We’ll always be by your side.


We express authenticity through honesty and clarity, making sure you always know what we are about, what we are doing, and how it will help you. You trust our recommendations because you know it’s backed by integrity, expertise, and always serves your best interests. You can rely on us to protect your most sensitive information.

TurboTax voice principles

These attributes help guide us as we collaborate and communicate with TurboTax users.

Let them know we’re here for them

Customers want to know they have someone on their side. We take note of what they’ve told us and address their needs and desires with empathy to make them feel relieved or accepted.


  • Deductions and credits will help you get the biggest possible refund, and we’ll find you as many as we can. Let’s get even more money back in your pocket.
  • Life happens and we’re here to help. Did you have any of these big changes last year?
  • Nice to see you again! Sign back in to pick up where you left off.
  • Let’s go ahead and wrap up your New York return.

Make meaningful connections

Taxes and finances are a mystery to many. We guide customers through moments of uncertainty using social proof, data, storytelling, and metaphors.


  • Last year, we helped 18,471,156 customers with big life changes. This year, we can confidently help you with yours.
  • We searched over 350 tax breaks
  • Pinch yourself to make sure that you’re human. Or just check the box below.
  • Complete the action below to verify you’re not a robot (and for added security).

Turn lack of confidence into motivation

Handling taxes and financial decisions can make many feel fearful, inadequate or ashamed. We never judge—we earn their trust and inspire action through encouragement, education and offering a solution or path forward.


  • Once we have all your income, we’ll dig into tax breaks.
  • Every year we track Minnesota tax law changes.
  • We get it—finances can be stressful. We’re here to help.
  • Next we’ll walk you through the rest of your return, checking for:
    • State and federal tax law differences
    • State-specific deductions and credits
    • Any other situations we can help you with

Help them acknowledge their success

It’s easy to lose sight of tax and financial progress. We celebrate successes big and small in meaningful, tasteful ways to help customers feel competent and accomplished.


  • You’re on track to get your biggest refund.
  • Nice! Your federal return is in great shape.
  • You were just working on your taxes. Let’s keep going!

Reveal future opportunities

Understanding how the present may impact the future is a challenge for many. Talk about opportunities customers may not be thinking about to help them achieve even greater prosperity that keeps them coming back.


  • Let’s keep going and get your maximum refund.
  • We’re off to a great start! Now that we’ve transferred your federal info, a big part of your state return is already done.
  • Let’s make sure you know when to expect your refund from the IRS so you can start making that money work harder for you.
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