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Writing with AI

Our principles define how we as content designers operate when using AI tools at Intuit. These are designed to evolve with the technology and to:

  • Reflect the voice and tone principles of all Intuit brands
  • Create process efficiencies, greater quality, and increased consistency
  • Align with our values 
  • Provide thought leadership  

AI is always human-driven 

The magic of generative AI is in the human, not the AI. Creating content with generative AI requires detailed setup with customer background and problem, messaging and brand guidance, style guidelines, and other strategic inputs.

Don’t assume accuracy and truth 

AI doesn’t understand truth, and may confidently generate false information or content that isn’t easily understood. When it comes to product and customer knowledge, you’re the expert and you are responsible for ensuring clear, factual output.

Ensure respect and inclusion

AI is trained on models that reflect human biases, which creates inclusivity challenges. It’s your responsibility to ensure that generative AI outputs support our community, maintain trust, and reflect our values. Double-check all outputs for unacceptable terminology.

You have the last word

Generative AI is a tool for content design, but it’s not a content designer. You’re the editor, which means you are responsible for the final output. Be sure you can stand behind it.

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