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Consent and permission

These guidelines exist to help content designers create customer-backed, cohesive consent experiences within the Intuit ecosystem. Your legal partners will tell you if you need to have a consent experience, and if so, what form that experience should take. 

Always send consent content through legal review before it goes to development. If you make changes to existing consent content, send it through legal review again, before changes are deployed. Legal review processes vary by team and project, so work closely with your product manager and design lead.

We ask for consent when we need customers to agree to share their personal or financial info, such as:


  • Before we process a payment
  • Before we access data from an external source, like a bank account
  • Before we pass their personal, small business, or tax info to a third party
  • Before we use their info for anything other than taxes or bookkeeping

When a customer consents to share their data with Intuit, they’re trusting us to use it wisely, and only in the ways we’ve defined. We can help maintain this trust by being open and clear  about how we use customer data without being alarmist, raising concerns, or setting unrealistic expectations.

In general, consent workflows should clearly communicate to the customer:


  • What they’re agreeing to
  • What info is being collected by Intuit
  • How we’ll use their info (the benefits to the customer)
  • If we’ll share their info, and with whom 
  • How they can let us know when they no longer want to share their info

Be customer-centric

Use consistent, recognizable terms. Be concise by avoiding clutter that will slow the customer down, make them reconsider, or confuse them. This helps build trust and maintains momentum by providing familiar options and ways forward.

  • We’ll continue collecting data from this account until you disconnect your bank.
  • Intuit will use the data we collect to generate operating improvements and metrics for apps you use. Find out more in Intuit’s Privacy Statement.
  • This data collection will occur on an ongoing basis only while we have your active consent.
  • Your data is personal—we want to keep it that way. We’ll protect the data you share with us so no bad guys can steal your information.

Avoid absolutes and promises

Always be factual and transparent about how we use customer info. Avoid absolute statements by adding conditions where appropriate. This helps us avoid making promises we can’t keep.

  • Without explicit permission, we won’t sell, publish, or share data entrusted to us by a customer that identifies the customer or any person.
  • We take your security and privacy seriously
  • We never sell your data.
  • Your security is our top priority.

Keep it positive and straightforward

Inform and reassure customers about sharing their data without being too familiar or casual. We strive to be persuasive without being forceful or pushy.

  • Agree to share your data with Intuit. You can unlink your [Chase] account at any time from your [Intuit] account settings.
  • You can’t connect your account until you grant us access to your data.

Provide ways to go back, cancel, or opt out

Be respectful of a customer’s right to choose how their data is used. In some contexts you may want to explain the consequences of canceling (not being able to connect a bank account, for example).

  • Cancel
  • If you cancel, your account won’t be linked.
  • [No secondary “Back” or “Cancel” CTA]

Use explicit calls to action

In most situations, use Agree/I agree and I don’t agree/Cancel.

If the customer is agreeing to something for a particular Intuit brand, you can also use allow [brand] to or agree to let [brand] [perform an action].

We often pair CTAs with legal lines. Some examples include:


  • By selecting Continue, you agree to Intuit’s Terms of Service.
  • I read and agree to the QuickBooks privacy statement.
  • By selecting Continue, you allow Intuit to verify your credit card‌ information.
  • By selecting Agree, you agree to Intuit’s Terms of Service and agree to let Intuit share your data with Paypal to be used as defined in their Terms of Service. 
  • Do you agree to let TurboTax use your information to check your eligibility for the prepaid TurboTax Visa card?

Don’t confuse privacy and security

For info on talking to customers about these related subjects, refer to our guidelines for security and data

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