InclusivityBot FAQ

Content at Intuit

What is the purpose of the bot?

The InclusivityBot flags words and phrases in Slack channels that might be considered outdated or disrespectful and suggests more inclusive alternatives. Flagged words/phrases may involve:

  • Age and family status
  • Disability
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race, ethnicity, and nationality

Our content team has flagged words and phrases using our diversity and inclusion guidelines, and incorporated terms from our anti-racist word list.

How does it work?

If you send a message that contains a flagged word or phrase, the bot will reply privately and suggest more inclusive alternatives. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The bot works in channels, but not DMs.
  • Bot replies to threaded conversations will show up in the main channel.
  • Any bot replies will only be visible to the person who posted the word or phrase. No else can see what it says.

No identifiable data about you is being tracked or shared.

What can my team expect in the experience?

If someone posts one of the flagged words or phrases, the bot will respond privately with a message that lists suggestions, where possible.

Remember, the bot only responds to key words or phrases and does not have the ability to interpret context within the information that is posted. The purpose of this tool is not to critique language, but to create moments of personal introspection to review if we have opportunities to be more inclusive in our conversations with one another.

Here’s an example of the response you see in Slack.

Is this a performance management tool?

No, this is not a performance management tool. This bot is meant to encourage inclusivity and help us individually examine the words and phrases we use to see if there are any personal opportunities to learn and grow in this area. It’s a learning tool to uplevel our conversations and contribute to a safe and inclusive work environment. 

How do I contribute feedback?

Submit your feedback through this Google form:

We appreciate it!

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