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Intuit brand

Content at Intuit

Intuit is the global financial technology platform that powers prosperity for the people and communities we serve.

Role of the Intuit brand

Intuit is who we work for, who serves our communities, and who protects our customers’ data. 

Intuit is the platform where we innovate to deliver unrivaled customer benefit and is the center of our ecosystem of product brands.

Role of the cornerstone brands

The product brands are how our customers most often experience the Intuit platform, delivering specific rational and emotional benefits to the target audience and facilitating connection to Intuit and other product brand offerings.

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Our personality

We are a champion for our customers, working tirelessly to help them achieve their financial goals. We are:

Forward thinking

We always look to the future to find solutions that give our customers the best chance at success.


We are full of energy and new ideas, unafraid to challenge the status quo. 


We are bold, never doubting our ability to deliver unrivaled benefits to our customers and are a trusted industry leader.


We are approachable and kind, we are genuine in our desire to advance the financial futures for those we serve.


We are relentless, and diligently fight for our customers and the communities we serve.

Intuit voice principles

Our unified strategy for voice and tone flexes to meet the needs of customers using Intuit products. It also ladders up to the Intuit brand and the champion who powers prosperity around the world.

Reveal tomorrow’s opportunities

Elevate the conversation when we talk about customer success. Make them aware of opportunities to achieve even greater prosperity, rooted in the financial freedom they already possess. It’s all about shining a light on their future self.

Let them know we’re listening and learning

Listening is key to any meaningful relationship. But we don’t just listen, we internalize what they’ve told us. And we use our comprehension to acknowledge their needs and desires before offering a solution or a path forward.

Turn self-doubt into determination

Handling the spectrum of financial decisions is hard work. It can make many feel inadequate or ashamed. Help them get unstuck and push through without judgment. Earn their trust with patience and know-how.

Use data to make meaningful connections

Good financial health is a mystery for many. It can make people feel defeated and completely alone.

Talk about how others have handled similar situations using data as a benchmark to guide them through moments of uncertainty. Reassure them with insights that paint a picture of their potential.

Help them navigate highs and lows

It’s important to notice smaller moments that lead them to larger goals. Celebrate milestones that aren’t obvious to them in meaningful, tasteful ways. Empathize when they can’t see past a roadblock, but don’t make it worse than it is.

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