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Write blogs using short, concise sentences and paragraphs. Sentence flow and structure should be at a 6th-grade reading level.

If you’re writing a first-person story, it should read as if you had written it, not your brand or company.

Hook your readers with a concise point of view and personal story—don’t include facts or hypotheses. Instead, connect your topic or idea back to a human story. 


  • Write short paragraphs (1–2 sentences). If you have long paragraphs, break them up.
  • Use em dashes (—) to separate thoughts, not en dashes (–) or hyphens (-). Check out our dash guidance


  • The sweet spot is 800–1,500 words (about 4–6 minutes of reading time).

What to write about

  • Ideas you can’t explore easily with Google
  • Explorations in tech and design with an interesting hook

Keep an informal tone and short paragraph structure.

Don’t push Intuit products or features.

Dive deep into topics and ideas that aren’t easily Googleable.

Don’t just recap an event or speaking engagement.

Provide value that readers can’t get anywhere else.

Embrace the opportunity to share a unique point of view.

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