At Intuit we have a unified strategy for voice and tone, but we can still be flexible within our system to meet the specific needs of customers using Mint, ProConnect, QuickBooks, Turbo, and TurboTax. Underlying our entire approach to voice and tone is empathy for the people who use our products, and we focus our work by understanding who we are: champions for the Intuit customer.

Our voice flexes based on the products customers are using and their familiarity with the financial stuff they’re dealing with. We definitely talk differently to a consumer tackling their taxes with TurboTax versus an accountant managing a business in QuickBooks. But through it all, the customer focus and empathy mark the content as unmistakably Intuit.

Defining voice and tone

Creating a meaningful relationship with our customers that results in financial and overall life success leads to emotional engagement that lasts a lifetime. Voice and tone is how we achieve this. We start by knowing who our customers are and identifying their needs and desires. These needs and desires shape who our brand character is and what attributes make us relatable. Defining our voice and tone is an end-to-end, strategic initiative between design and marketing that enables brand affinity and customer happiness.


Voice is our brand. It defines our relationship with customers. We can flex our voice to meet specific customer needs and desires end-to-end and even across different products. Our voice is defined by our:

  • Brand character
  • Voice attributes



Tone is based on the mood of our customer and is an opportunity to further empathize or connect with them emotionally. Context is key when exploring mood. We might flex our tone to sound:

  • Celebratory
  • Fun
  • Apologetic

Exploring voice, tone, and flexing at Intuit

The Intuit voice and tone system is straightforward and is based on good writing, empathy, and common sense. You can explore the system on these pages.

For marketing agencies and other partners creating content for QuickBooks, voice training is available. If you’re interested, email us.